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Triggerheart Exelica (トリガーハート エグゼリカ)  Warashi (Warashi)2008 manicshooter mechamusume moeanthropomorphism xblm
Ikaruga (斑鳩)  Sega (Treasure)2008 chargedattack hard manicshooter score scrollingshooter xblm
dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Black Label EXTRA (怒首領蜂 大往生 ブラックレーベル EXTRA)  5pb (5pb)2009 donpachi manicshooter
Deathsmiles  Cave;Rising Star Games;Aksys Games (Cave)2009 deathsmiles manicshooter
Deathsmiles II X (Deathsmiles II X: Makai no Merry Christmas)  Cave (Cave)2009 christmas deathsmiles holiday manicshooter rating-cero-b rating-esrb-t
Mushihime-sama Futari Ver 1.5 (虫姫さま ふたりVer 1.5;Mushi Hime Sama Futari Ver 1.5) CAVE (CAVE)2009 manicshooter mushihimesama
DoDonPachi Resurrection (DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu ver1.5)  Cave;Rising Star Games (Cave)2010 donpachi manicshooter rating-cero-a rating-pegi-12 scrollingshooter
DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label  Cave (Cave)2011 donpachi manicshooter rating-cero-a
Pink Sweets & Muchi Muchi Pork! (Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets)  Cave (Cave)2011 manicshooter
Trouble Witches Neo! Episode1 Daughters of Amalgam  SNK Playmore (Studio SiestA)2011 femaleprotagonist manicshooter shopping xblm
Akai Katana (Akai Katana Shin)  Cave;Rising Star Games (Cave)2011 manicshooter rating-acb-pg rating-cero-b rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12
Radiant Silvergun (レイディアント シルバーガン)  Microsoft (Treasure)2011 manicshooter scrollingshooter xblm