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Dead Island Techland;Deep Silver (Techland)2011 3ormoreplayers adv-ptdistr aimassist alcohol assaultrifles axes bludgeons bonebreaking bossbattles burning capacity-slots chapters chargers chromeengine city collectibles containers controlschemes corpselooting coupdegrace cpplanguage crafting crafting-ammo crafting-sites crossworldcharacters dark-limited daylighthorror deadisland-series deadlywater deathpenalty decoys diaries difficulty-charscaling disarming dismemberment distortedvision dodging doors driving elitemobs endlessopposition enemyhealthdisplay explosiveobjects facebookconnect falldamage fictionallocation firearms forest genderchoice gore grenades handguns healingitems healthpickups healthregen healthregen-stunted honorablefoes hotel hud-dynamic improvisedweapons incendiarygrenades indicator-poi indicator-route interrupting inventory invisiblewalls island itemdurability itemgenerator itemglow karmiccreatures knives knockback knockdown laboratory ladders lamp levelbasedeq limitedcapacity locationaldamage lootemup map meleeweapons motionblur mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin multiseaters music-hiphop neutralnpcs newgameplus noanimals nochildren npcasphyxiation npcinjuries nplayers objectiveindicator obsoletedassets oceania openworld opponentpowerdisplay optionaltasks outlaws pacificocean pain papuanewguinea playerstats premadecharacters priceinfo prison quickkeys radialmenu rage rating-pegi-18 repairing repulsion resort resourcetransfer resuscitation safezone scavenging scientists screenshake search searchedindicator sellundo shallowwater shopping shotguns shovels slobbery slowmotion soldiers splatter stomping stranded suicideattackers supermode survivalhorror swords targetident throwanything thrownweapons trampling tribals tropic unethicalscience valveanticheat walking waypoints weaponupgrades xp-kills xp-other zombieapocalypse zombies