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Left 4 Dead (L4D;Left For Dead)  Valve;EA Partners (Valve South;Certain Affinity)2008 2000s 3ormoreplayers accuracy-posture airport ammomagazines anticipatorystockpiles apartmentbuilding assaultrifles asymmetricfactions autorun ballistics bleeding burning capacity-toolslots chainreactions city civilianprotagonist cooperation corridors damageovertime dark decoybombs difficulty difficulty-auto distortedvision doors doors-breakable dualwielding dynamicaccuracy earth elitemobs endlessopposition everyonesdead explosiveobjects fastzombies fatties filmgrain firearms forest friendlyfire friendlyfire-full friendlyfire-reduced fullbodyawareness gore group gunclubbing handguns havokphysics healing-active healing-delayed healingitems hordegame hospital house hypermobilefoes incendiarygrenades injuries instructor intangibleallies itemglow itempickup-instant jumping karmiccreatures killingblow knockback l4d-series lamp latemodernperiod limitedcapacity mode-survival mp-bots mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-escape mp-matchmaking mp-nodupes mp-nosaves mp-survival mpfocus multiprotagonists noantagonist nooneleftbehind npcspawning nplayers officebuilding outbreak overpenetration parkinglot precisionrifles present pve pvp rating-cero-z reload-auto reload-manual repulsion resuscitation ruins sequence-survival serverbrowser shotguns sourceengine submachineguns subway survival survivalhorror swarmers teamawareness telescope thermalweapons undead undeadmenace unorthodoxweapons unusualprotagonist uvl-searchelp voicemacros zombieapocalypse zombies
Star Trek: D·A·C (Star Trek DAC;Star Trek: D-A-C)  Paramount Digital Entertainment (Naked Sky Entertainment)2009 arcade extraterrestrial future mp-assault mp-control mp-dm mp-survival mp-teams powerups pve pvp score space spacecraft startrek uvl-searchelp uvl-tiein xblm
Sol Survivor  Microsoft Game Studios (Cadenza Interactive)2009 alienmenace aliens anticipatoryfacing artillery beamweapons boosters burning chemicalweapons cloakednpcs colorblind colorful companyfirstgame csharplanguage damageovertime damagetypes demo difficulty difficulty-players droppods electricweapons elevation-fake empweapons emweapons encyclopedia enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons flamethrowers giants helicopters impulsereactor indicator-range inexplicabletrajectories insectoids laserweapons levelprogress machineguns militantprotagonist minimumrange mode-survival mortars mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-survival netframework netranking npcteleporting nuclearweapons orbitalweapons paidkilling proprietarynetwork pve pvefocus pvp radialmenu radiationweapons robots rotaryguns rpsmechanics safeweapons score shieldbreakers shieldpenetrators shotguns splittingcreatures supportpowers tanks towerdefense toweroffense tripeds tutorial tutorial-interactive upgradesystem volcanic walkers war warfare-air warfare-land waves windowsmedia wintery xblm xnaframework
Borderlands  2K Games (Gearbox Software)2009 aaa abominations achievements achievements-functional adv-ptdistr adv-static aimmode alienanimals ambush ammomagazines animals arid assaultrifles autoshotguns bayonets borderlands-series bountyhunting burrowers canyon capacity-slots cheapdeath circadiancycle clones clothdyeing compass containers crossworldcharacters damageindicator damagetypes deathpenalty deathworld difficulty-players driving dynamicaccuracy elevators enemyhealthdisplay energyshields energyweapons explosiveobjects falldamage fasttravel fasttravel-points firearms firstpersonshooter fofindicator freelancing gamespy grenades handguns healingitems healthpickups hillland insectoids inventory ironsights itemgenerator itemglow jumping knockback levelbasedeq leveluprestoration limitedcapacity locationaldamage loot-random lootemup map mercenaryprotagonist mpfocus mutants npcspawning nplayers objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator opponentpowerdisplay otherworld outlaws precisionrifles premadecharacters proceduralitemappearance pve reload-auto reload-manual revolverrifles revolvers robots rockets secondwind secrets serverbrowser shieldregen shopping shotguns socialnetwork spacewestern submachineguns town trampling tutorial unknownpast unrealengine3 upgrades-capacity vehicleflip vehiclepainting walking wasteland xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal
Left 4 Dead 2(L4D2)  Valve;EA Partners (Valve)2009 3ormoreplayers ammomagazines assaultrifles asymmetricfactions autorun banned bridge capacity-toolslots chainreactions chainsaw cooperation damageovertime daylighthorror decoybombs download earth elitemobs endlessopposition eventdirector everyonesdead explosiveobjects fallbackweapon fastzombies firearms friendlyfire-full friendlyfire-reduced gore grenadelaunchers grenades-impact group handguns hdrlighting healing-active healing-delayed healingitems healthvisualization heavyweather hordegame idlenoise improvisedweapons incendiarygrenades instructor itempickup-instant jumping karmiccreatures killingblow knockback l4d-series lasersight latemodernperiod limitedcapacity machinepistols mp-bots mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-escape mp-nodupes mp-nosaves mpfocus multiprotagonists noantagonist npcspawning nplayers outbreak overpenetration powertools precisionrifles present pve pvp rain rating-cero-z rating-esrb-m rehash reload-auto reload-manual repulsion ruins shotguns softbodies sourceengine survivalhorror teamawareness undead undeadmenace voicemacros walking wounds zombieapocalypse zombies
Brink  Bethesda Softworks (Splash Damage)2010 adv-undefined aimmode arcology assaultrifles caricature city classbased controlpoints direct2drive firearms flyingcity grenades handguns idtech4 inventory ironsights jumping mines modularequipment motionblur mp-bots mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-undefined mpfocus multiplecampaigns objectiveindicator orangeblue parkour playerprogression precisionrifles protagonistdesigning pve pvp radialmenu resuscitation shotguns singlegender ssao submachineguns telescope tutorial tutorial-noninteractive vaulting walking xp-undefined
Destiny Activision (Bungie)2014 28thcentury actionrpg aimmode aliens antiheroprotagonist bodyarmor canyon cave chromaticaberration circadiancycle classbased clothphysics dark-limited distantfuture earth enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons falldamage fallimpact firearms future genderchoice genericengine grenades handguns healthregen hovervehicles itemgenerator knives lamp lightvsdark loading-obscured lootemup luna midairjumping moon mp-control mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-matchmaking objectiveindicator planetaryromance postapocalypse precisionrifles protagonistdesigning pve pvp radar rebornprotagonist reload-manual robots rockets russia shopping specieschoice stash technomagic tower upgradesystem waterfalls wintery