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Football Manager 2006  Sega (Sports Interactive)2006 rating-pegi-3 soccer sportsmanagement
2006 FIFA World Cup (FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006;2006 FIFA World Cup Deutsch Taikai;FIFA 06: En route pour la coupe du monde de la FIFA)  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)2006 fifa fifa-series soccer worldchampionship
FIFA 07 (FIFA Soccer 07)  EA Sports (Electronic Arts)2006 fifa fifa-series protagonistdesigning soccer
UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 EA Sports (EA Sports)2007 soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PES 6;Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007;World Soccer Winning Eleven X)  Konami (Konami)2007 packin protagonistdesigning soccer winningeleven
Championship Manager 2007 (Championship Manager: L'Entraîneur 2007)  Eidos (Beautiful Game Studios;Gusto Games)2007 championshipmanager-series rating-pegi-3 soccer sportsmanagement
FIFA 08 (FIFA Soccer 08; FIFA 08: World Class Soccer)  EA Sports (EA Sports)2007 fifa fifa-series protagonistdesigning soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PES 2008;World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008)  Konami (Konami)2007 protagonistdesigning soccer winningeleven
Sensible World of Soccer  Codemasters (Sensible Software)2007 sensiblesoccer-series soccer xblm
FIFA Street 3  Electronic Arts;EA Sports (EA Sports;EA Canada)2008 fifa fifa-series fifastreet-series soccer streetgame
FIFA 09 (FIFA Soccer 09;FIFA 09: World Class Soccer)  EA Sports (EA Canada)2008 fifa fifa-series soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PES 2009;World Soccer Winning Eleven 2009)  Konami (Konami)2008 rating-esrb-e soccer winningeleven
FIFA Soccer 10  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)2009 fifa fifa-series soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010;World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010)  Konami (Konami)2009 soccer winningeleven
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa  Electronic Arts (EA Canada)2010 fifa fifa-series rating-acb-g rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 soccer worldchampionship
Pure Futbol  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Vancouver)2010 soccer
FIFA Soccer 11 (FIFA 11;FIFA 11: World Class Soccer)  Electronic Arts;EA Sports (EA Sports)2010 difficulty fifa fifa-series mp-cooperative protagonistdesigning rating-pegi-3 replays soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES 2011;World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011)  Konami (Konami)2010 soccer winningeleven
FIFA Soccer 12 (FIFA 12;FIFA 12: World Soccer)  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2011 fifa rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 soccer uvl-missingimages
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012;World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2012)  Konami (Konami)2011 rating-acb-g rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 soccer winningeleven
FIFA Soccer 13 (FIFA 13;FIFA 13: World Class Soccer) Electronic Arts (EA Canada)2012 fifa fifa-series rating-acb-g rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Konami (Winning Eleven Productions)2012 soccer winningeleven
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES 2014;World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014)  Konami (Konami)2013 fox-engine rating-acb-g rating-esrb-e rating-grb-all rating-gsrr-g rating-pegi-3 soccer winningeleven
FIFA 14  EA Sports (EA Canada)2013 fifa fifa-series kinect rating-pegi-3 soccer
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (Coupe du Monde de la FIFA: Brésil 2014;Mondiali FIFA Brasile 2014)  EA Sports (EA Canada)2014 fifa fifa-series rating-acb-g rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 soccer worldchampionship