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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Oblivion;TES IV;上古卷轴IV:忘却之地)  2K Games (Bethesda Game Studios)2006 achillesheelfoes adv-static ancientenemy arcanepunk arena atlastmoment automap autosavepoints backstabbing ballistics beggars blackmarket blocking books bows bribing capacity-weight castle chargedattack chemistry cipherlang circadiancycle city clairvoyantpursuers containers corpselooting criminalactivity customclass dark-limited demonicinvasion demons demons-other devotees difficulty-charscaling dimensionalbreach dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel divinemenace elderscrolls elves enchanting enemyupgrade excavation factions falldamage fame fantasyworld felinoids fictionaluniverse fines forest gamebryoengine genderchoice ghosts goblins guild havokphysics headswapping hell hellscape home humanoidanimals imprisonment inbuilttraps indicator-poi inherentright inventory itemdurability jewelry jumping lamp lawenforcers limitedcapacity locationinfo lockpicking lockpicking-feedback magic mandateofheaven medieval meleeweapons monastery mountain multilingual necromancers neutralnpcs nochildren noheadbob nonlinear npcinventory npcschedules obsoletedassets openclassing openworld optionaltasks orcs outlaws persistentworld precursors privatemilitarycompanies protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face racechoice rats rodents roses-other ruins sauroids scavenging sciencefantasy serious sewers shields shopping shrine skeletons sorcery soundcues specialagentprotagonist specieschoice spelldesigning stamina statloss stealing stealth stealthmode subterranean summoning superalloy teleport temple titlementioned titularlocale trash trolls tutorial unarmedfighting undead unknownpast unnecessarykilling unvoicedprotagonist ursines vagrants waiting willowisps worldborder xboxclassics xp-literal zombies
Fallout 3  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2008 23rdcentury abnormalammo actioncamera addiction adv-perks adv-ptdistr alternatetimeline ammomagazines anatomicdamage apartmentbuilding assaultrifles automap autopause-inventory autosavepoints backstabbing beamweapons blacksheep bludgeons cannibalism captives censored charactercreation chekhovsgun children circadiancycle city city-washington-dc consequences crafting criticalchance cruelty-potential crustacoids currency-unusual cyborgs deadondisplay death deathworld difficulty difficulty-ingame dingy disarming discrimination disproportionateretribution doors druggies drugs dualism earth energyweapons fakenames fallout fasttravel firearms fistloads friendlyfire future gadgetweapons gamebryoengine genderchoice ghouls giantants giantinsects giantrobots giantshoulderpads giantspiders gore graphicdeaths graybrown graychoices grenades grotesque growingprotagonist hacking healthregen hiddenvillage home humanexperiments humanoidanimals indicator-poi indicator-threat injuries interactivedialogs isolationists itemdurability jumping karma knives laserweapons library locationaldamage locationalhealth lockpicking lockpicking-feedback malfunctioning maneaters meleeweapons mines moralchoices multipleendings museum music-licensed music-vocal mutagen mutants nailguns neutralmonsters neutralnpcs news noheadbob northamerica npcinjuries npcschedules organizedcrime outlaws overkill parttargeting pickpocketing plasmaweapons postapocalypse powerarmor precisionrifles prejudice pressureplates propaganda prostitutes protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face radiation radioactiveglow raiders rating-cero-z raygungothic reload-auto reload-manual retrofuture robots rogueai rotaryguns ruinedworld ruins sauroids scientists scorpions search sentientmachines serious shantytown shopping shovels sidetracked slavery slowmotion splatter stealing stealth stealthmode stupidevil subway supermode swimming swords teenprotagonist teslacoils thermalweapons thx-1138 timeskip town trapdisarming traps tripwires tutorial unarmedfighting unvoicedprotagonist variableending waiting walking wasteland xboxclassics
Deadly Premonition (Red Seeds Profile;レッドシーズプロファイル)  Ignition;Marvelous Entertainment;Rising Star Games (Access Games)2010 actionadventure addiction aimmode bludgeons capacity-slots chapterreplay chapters circadiancycle city clothing collectibles crates dartsgame detectivemystery difficulty discoloredblood dissolvingcorpses doors driving dynamicweather earth eccentricprotagonist elevatorbattle espionage explosiveobjects fatigue fauxserious fbi fictionalcity firearms fishing flamethrowers flashbacks flawedprotagonist forest handguns healing healing-instant healingitems hiding hospital hunger hygiene idlenoise improvisedweapons indicator-poi injuries insaneprotagonist inventory investigatorprotagonist itemglow knives lawenforcerprotagonist maleprotagonist map meleeweapons minigames monologues monsters nojumping objectiveindicator openworld optionaltasks paidkilling parallelreality paranormal playerstats precisionrifles present quicktimeevent rating-bbfc-15 rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-18 reload-auto reload-manual resting retrypoints rewardingvandalism savepoints shopping shotguns singlesave smokes soukoban splatter stamina stationaryattack submachineguns survivalhorror swords thermalweapons town usa visions waiting walking xbydifferentname zombies
Fallout: New Vegas (Fo:NV;FoNV;FNV)  Bethesda Softworks (Obsidian Entertainment)2010 arid assaultrifles deadondisplay earth energyweapons factions fakenames fallout firearms fistloads flatdamagereduction future gamebryoengine handguns itemdurability loading-partial locationaldamage locationalhealth lockpicking-feedback mindamage minigames mutants northamerica parttargeting politicalcorruption postapocalypse precisionrifles rating-cero-z retrofuture robots shotguns shovels stealthmode telescope unarmedfighting unvoicedprotagonist waiting walking wasteland