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Battlefield: Bad Company (BFBC)  Electronic Arts (Digital Illusions CE)2008 assaultrifles battlefield-series firearms firstpersonshooter frostbiteengine future helicopters militantprotagonist multivehicular precisionrifles rockets stealth tanks war wasteland worldwar
EndWar (Tom Clancy's EndWar)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Shanghai)2008 2020s book earth future militaryfiction rating-esrb-t spetsnaz tomclancy uvl-missingimages voicecontrol war wargame worldwar
Battlestations: Pacific  Eidos Interactive (Eidos Studios Hungary)2009 1940s 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane battlestations-series bomberaircraft bombs cannons compass difficulty fighteraircraft fmod hapticfeedback indicator-lead machineguns map militaryfiction mode-practice multiplecampaigns naturalistic pacificocean radar radialmenu secrets-tasks strikeaircraft submarine war watercraft watercraft-large worldwar worldwar2
Darkest of Days  Phantom EFX (8Monkey Labs)2009 1860s 19thcentury 20thcentury 22ndcentury activereload aimmode americancivilwar ammomagazines anatomicdamage assaultrifles autosavepoints capacity-toolslots civilwar difficulty dynamicaccuracy europe firearms firearms-early firstpersonshooter grenades handguns healthregen healthregen-fast invisiblewalls ironsights juggernauts limitedcapacity locationaldamage map northamerica objectiveindicator oneofmany precisionrifles rating-esrb-m reload-slowed rockets shotguns temporalincursion timetravel tutorial uselessallies war worldwar worldwar1
Heroes Over Europe  Ubisoft (Transmission Games)2009 europe war worldwar worldwar2
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BFBC2)  Electronic Arts (Digital Illusions CE)2010 amrifles assaultrifles battlefield-series firearms frostbiteengine future grouping helicopters militantprotagonist multivehicular precisionrifles rockets stealth tanks tommygun war wasteland worldwar