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Zelda Classic Armageddon Games (Armageddon Games)2008 achillesheelfoes actionadventure allegro ballistics bossbattles cemetery centauroids chosenone cpplanguage currency doors fangame fish forest free giantinsects gunblades hard healthwarning humanoidprotagonist insectoids inventory keys ladders langinsignificant launcher lethalobjects leveleditor license-proprietary meleeweapons monsters mountain nohumans noncanon obscurerelease rewardingvandalism ruins secrets shopping simulateddisorientation skeletonkey skeletons stonemen stunning subterranean town traproom trees undead walking watercraft-small zelda-universe zeldaclassicengine
Sqrxz III Retroguru (Retroguru)2012 anthroprotagonist claiming disappearingplatforms download earth gems hard hopandbop jumping jungle lagomorphprotagonist license-proprietary linux monsters score sdl secrets subterranean walking