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Ōkami (大神;Okami)  Capcom (Clover Studio;Ready at Dawn)2008 4thwallbroken actionadventure adv-xpdistr aimassist ancientenemy animalprotagonist animateobjects arthouse avianoids bellyofawhale blobshadows bloodmoon bossbattles burrowers canidaeprotagonist capacity-unlimited centauroids chargedattack circadiancycle city clergy combatmode counselor curse darkisevil darkness-theme deities demons derelict difficulty-single digging dissolvingitems dodging doppelgangers dragons dragons-eastern drawing evilisgood excretion fishing forest ghosts giantinsects giantmonsters godlingprotagonist highfantasy humanmonsters hydrae incarnateddivines inventory invisiblewalls island japanesemythology jigglephysics magic midairjumping monsters mythicalprotagonist mythicfiction nature-theme newgameplus npcspawning oddappliances okami-series plethoraofreferences polycephalids portals precursors puzzlebosses quicktimeevent recurringopponent religion religion-shinto restoration retelling rewardingvandalism robots ruins savepoints sciencefantasy seamonsters selfsacrifice shapeshifters shinto shopping silentprotagonist sorcery spacecraft-location spacedemons speech-gibberish speedbuildup stylized substitutespeaker subterranean supernaturalprotagonist swimming timecontrol timetravel titlementioned titularcharacter town transformingpresence tutorial underwater unnoticedbynormals vendortrash vernal walljumping whips windcontrol windmills wintery wolves xp-deeds
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (SW:CWRH)  LucasArts (Krome Studios)2009 adv-xpdistr alternatingprotagonist canon cartoon challenges companion deathpits difficulty dodging energyweapons fallbackweapon grenades healthregen healthregen-fast hijacking lightsabers meleeweapons midairjumping militaryfiction powerups psychicpowers psychics rating-esrb-t robots sciencefantasy starwars starwars-skywalker swords tutorial visualizedtrajectory walljumping war xp-kills xp-objects