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Samurai Warriors: Katana (戦国無双 KATANA;Sengoku Musō: Katana)  Koei (Omega Force)2007 asia asia-east china dynastywarriors samuraiwarriors sanguoyanyi
Tenchu 4  From Software (Acquire)2008 asia asia-east assassinprotagonist clandestine fanservice feudaljapan japan ninja ninja-theme ninjaprotagonist stealth stealthgame tenchu
Muramasa: The Demon Blade (朧村正;Oboro Muramasa;朧村正妖刀伝;Oboro Muramasa Yōtōden)  Marvelous Entertainment;Rising Star Games;Ignition Entertainment (Vanillaware)2009 asia asia-east edoperiod feudaljapan japan puppetanimation spritemorphing uvl-workingtitle