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NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (Icarian: Kindred Spirits)  Over the Top Games (Over the Top Games)2009 arid bloodless burrowers chargers crushers deathpits disappearingplatforms earth falldamage femaleprotagonist flying gliding grecoromanmythology greece harmfultouch harpies healthpickups heathaze humanoidprotagonist instantkillers invisiblewalls juggernauts keys magic meteoroids mindlesscreatures monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative multitasking nonhumanprotagonist physics postapocalypse quake retrypoints rewardingvandalism ruins screenshake search secrets sorcery temple title-animated undefinedelements walking wiiware windcontrol wingedhumanoids wyrms
Super Meat Boy (SMB) Team Meat (Team Meat)2010 aircontrol bossbattles cancelled cartoonviolence deadlydecor deadlysides deathpits did disappearingplatforms leveleditor precisionplatformer rating-esrb-t rescue score supermeatboy titularcharacter unlockable-characters walljumping wiiware