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Scarface: The World is Yours  Vivendi;Sierra Entertainment (Radical Entertainment)2007 city driving fasttravel firearms gtalike hijacking movie openworld targetlock traffic walking watercraft
Alien Syndrome  Sega (Totally Games)2007 aliensyndrome energyweapons firearms thermalweapons viciousengine
Big Game Hunter (Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Trophy Bucks;Cabela's Trophy Bucks)  Activision (Sand Grain Studios)2008 1life africa ammomagazines anatids bossbattles cabelas cervids crossbows dodging ducks earth firearms firstpersonshooter forest geese handguns hunting inventory latemodernperiod moose muskets northamerica precisionrifles rodents shotguns southamerica stealth swans walking wiinunchuk
Alone in the Dark (AITD5;Alone in the Dark 5)  Atari (Eden Games;Hydravision)2008 achillesheelfoes actionadventure aloneinthedark amnesia bellyofawhale capacity-slots city-newyork-ny collapsingstructure dark darkfantasy dimensionalbreach driving firearms forest fullbodyawareness havokphysics healing-active improvisedweapons insectoids inventory investigatorprotagonist kynapse lamp langmandarin light limitedcapacity meleeweapons monsters museum naturaldisasters nohud northamerica npcspawning pyrrhicvictory religion-christian satan savepoints sciencefantasy serious shadows survivalhorror thermalweapons unorthodoxweapons wildfire zombies
Quantum of Solace (James Bond: Quantum of Solace;007: Quantum of Solace;007: Nagusame no Houshuu)  Activision (Beenox)2008 007 assaultrifles firearms handguns iwengine movie precisionrifles rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-16 specialagentprotagonist walking
Tomb Raider: Underworld (Tomb Raider 8;Tomb Raider: Legend II)  Eidos;Spike (Crystal Dynamics;Buzz Monkey Software)2008 acrobatics actionadventure aimassist ancientmachines animals anticipatorysightings archeologistprotagonist arcticocean asia asphyxiation assaultrifles autosavepoints avalon backtracking balancebeams bigcats bink cave cemetery chiroptera clingers cloneconundrum clones clothingchanges dark-limited deathpits difficulty difficulty-aspects directionalforce-tilt dodging driving earth electricweapons enemyhealthdisplay europe explosiveobjects fallbackweapon falldamage fallimpact fanservice fantasticearth femaleprotagonist firearms fmod gianthumanoids giants giantspiders grapplinghook grenades handguns healingitems horizontalbars hud-dynamic immortals inbuilttraps indianocean interactivetriggers invisiblewalls jumping knockback ladders lamp ledges lostresources map map-3d map-semiauto mediterranean mexico monologues motorcycle norsemythology norway npcstrife oopitems pawn permanentcorpses poles poorgrip present pressureplates quicktimeevent rain rating-acb-m rating-bbfc-12 rating-cero-c rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-16 recurrence-character rewardingvandalism ropeswinging ruins sciencefantasy secrets sequence-timed shallowwater sharks shotguns simulacrums slowmotion spearguns spiders steppingstones submachineguns swimming targetlock telescope thailand titularlocale tombraider tombraider-2nd trampling tropic tumbling unarmedfighting undead undeadanimals underwaterdiving walking walljumping watercraft-location wildlife wintery
Rogue Trooper (Rogue Trooper - Quartz Zone Massacre) Reef Entertainment (Rebellion)2009 1life assaultrifles biorobotprotagonist biorobots city coversystem deathpits difficulty dodging europeancomic firearms grenades handguns healingitems healthregen inertscenery militarybase mindupload mines objectiveindicator otherworld pain postapocalypse precisionrifles radar revenge roguetrooper shopping shotguns stealth upgrades-permanent upgradesystem walking war
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings  LucasArts (A2M)2009 1930s aircraft-location chinatown city city-istanbul-tr disarming dolbyprologic2 dynamicmotionsynthesis earth euphoriaengine firearms grappling improvisedweapons indianajones mp-cooperative nepal panama rating-esrb-t sudan turkey unarmedfighting uvl-tiein whips wiinunchuk
The Conduit  Sega (High Voltage Software)2009 21stcentury aimdeadzone alieninvasion aliens ammomagazines beamweapons city-washington-dc cloakednpcs corridorshooter depthoffield detector earth energyweapons firearms firstpersonshooter future giantmonsters grenades healthregen indestructibleenvironment insectoids livingweapons meleeweapons multitools northamerica npcgenerators portals powerarmor quantum3engine quazal researchfacility rewardingvandalism ruins savepoints stungrenades stunning subterranean subway tutorial
Jurassic: The Hunted (Jurassic Hunter;Jurassic: The Hunter)  Activision (Cauldron)2009 bermudatriangle cloakntengine dinosaurs firearms fromanothertime havokphysics island quicktimeevent stranded uvl-workingtitle
Avatar (James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game;Avatar: The Game)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2009 2150s 22ndcentury actionadventure alienplanet aliens axes crossbows driving dualwielding duniaengine endlessopposition extraterrestrial firearms future hillland interspecificconflict jumping mecha meleeweapons minimap movie otherworld outdoors playerprogression precisionrifles reimagining riding serious shotguns spacefaringage stealth tropic walking wiimotionplus
Ghost Recon (GR;Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Paris)2010 earth firearms future ghostrecon militantprotagonist militaryfiction tactical tomclancy
Call of Duty: Black Ops  Activision (Treyarch)2010 aaa callofduty clandestine coldwar coldwar-ww2 firearms machinepistols militantprotagonist militaryfiction mp-cooperative naturalistic streakbonuses walking