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Bully: Scholarship Edition (Bully 2)  Rockstar Games (Rockstar Vancouver)2008 actionadventure bicycle bullies circadiancycle clothing fatigue friendshipbeatdown gamebryoengine homosexuals kart minigames newengland school scooter skateboard tattoos teenprotagonist timechanges town usa uselessadults walking
The Incredible Hulk  Sega (Edge of Reality)2008 antiheroprotagonist blocking bossbattles chargedattack city-newyork-ny comic destructibleenvironment giantrobots healthregen hulk hypermuscles island marvel minigames minimap movie mutablescenery-fixtures mutablescenery-large mutantprotagonist mutants nofalldamage openworld powerthrow radar rating-esrb-t robots sequence-defend shields superhero-theme superpower-theme superpowers superstrength titularcharacter unarmedfighting wallclimbing wallclinging
Sukeban Shachō Rena Wii (女番社長レナWii)  Jorudan (Jorudan)2009 animalprotagonist felidprotagonist minigames rating-cero-a