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Shrek the Third (Shrek le Troisième)  Activision (Shaba Games)2007 1480s 15thcentury 2ndmillennium autosavepoints bink bullettime city commercial difficulty dolbyprologic2 domesticcats donkeys dreamworks fantasticearth felidprotagonist finishingmoves group havokphysics humanoidprotagonist humans indoors jumping license-proprietary magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons monsters movie nonhumanprotagonist ogres outdoors palace past rating-acb-g rating-bbfc-pg rating-esrb-e10 rewardingvandalism scrapbook shopping shrek swords unarmedfighting walking wiinunchuk
Shrek Forever After Activision (XPEC)2010 1480s 15thcentury 2ndmillennium 3ormoreplayers animalprotagonist anthropormorphicanimals bink carrying cemetery chickens chiroptera climbing currency deadlywater difficulty-single dolbyprologic2 domesticcats donkeys dreamworks earth equidprotagonist explosives fantasticearth felidprotagonist femaleprotagonist fireworks frog gameprogress group humanoidprotagonist indoors levelprogress maleprotagonist mapdeficient meleeweapons mice movie naturalweapons nonhumanprotagonist objectiveindicator ogres outdoors palace past pigs pirates rats rewardingvandalism secrets shopping shrek subterranean swords town unarmedfighting walking wallclimbing walltraversal watercraft wetland wiinunchuk witches wwise