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Tokyo Jungle (トーキョー ジャングル)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Crispy's;PlayStation C.A.M.P.;SCE Japan Studio)2012 21stcentury aging animalprotagonist animals biologicalsimulation bodydragging challenges circadiancycle city-tokyo-jp counterattacks dark-limited dodging dynamicweather earth finishingmoves foraging ghosttown healthregen hiding hunger hunting indicator-threat invisiblewalls japan jumping killingblow lifesimulation lives map naturalistic nohumans overgrowth permadeath procreation psstore radar randomevents rating-cero-c resting rooftops ruins score selfluminance sex-inhuman splatter stamina stealth stealth-sight survival toxins tutorial tutorial-interactive unarmedfighting unlockable-characters unlockable-costumes walking wildernesssurvival