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Bionic Commando Rearmed (BCR;バイオニック コマンドー マスターD復活計画;Bionic Commando: Master D Fukkatsu Keikaku) Capcom (GRIN;Capcom)2008 bioniccommando cyborgprotagonist cyborgs deadlydecor mp-cooperative overworld postmodern psstore rating-esrb-m
Trine  Nobilis (Frozenbyte)2009 3ormoreplayers adv-ptdistr autosavepoints ballistics bludgeons bows castle characterswitch conditionalhazards deadlydecor deathpits difficulty difficultyspike download fallbackweapon femaleprotagonist forest giantmonsters grapplinghook hexapeds inbuilttraps insectoids inventory loot-random magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons movingplatforms mp-campaign mp-cooperative multiprotagonists physics premadecharacters psstore ropeswinging rotatingplatforms ruins scenic search secrets skeletons sorcery subterranean swimming swords telekinesis titlementioned trine-series trineverse undead unlimitedammo unlockable-difficulty xp-drops xp-objects xp-shared
LIMBO  Playdead (Playdead)2011 chapterreplay cinematicplatformer controlmalfunction dark deadlydecor deadlywater defenseless fallimpact giantinsects giantspiders indie insectoids instantstart interactivetriggers ladders langinsignificant ledges nohud psstore rating-esrb-t ropeswinging sessilecreatures shallowwater silhouetted
Arkedo Series - 001 JUMP !  Sanuk Games (Arkedo Studio)2011 arkedo-series chiroptera claiming crabs deadlydecor disappearingplatforms download dropplatforms harmfultouch lethalobjects lives movingplatforms nofalldamage nosaves pixelated psstore skeletons snakes throwingknives
Trine 2  Atlus (Frozenbyte)2011 3ormoreplayers actionadventure adv-ptdistr autosavepoints ballistics bioluminescence blocking bludgeons bows carnivorousplants castle charging collectibles colorful contrasted crepuscularrays deadlydecor disappearingplatforms dragons elasticsurfaces envcombat femaleprotagonist forest ghosts giantgastropods giantmonsters giantspiders goblinoids goblins grapplinghook hapticfeedback hintsystem indie instantkillers interactivetriggers inventory juggernauts jumppads launcher lethalobjects magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons minibosses mp-cooperative multikeyboard multipointer newgameplus physics playerexposition portals psstore puzzlebosses rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 retrypoints ropeswinging rotatingplatforms scenic secrets shields sorcery stereoscopic subterranean swimming swords telekinesis thrownweapons titlementioned titularobject trine-series trineverse undead unlimitedammo vibrant voicechat walking wetland xp-kills xp-objects
JUJU Flying Wild Hog (Flying Wild Hog)2014 bossbattles butterflies crabs deadlydecor jumppads mp-cooperative pseudo3d ursineprotagonist