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Dead Space  Electronic Arts (EA Redwood Shores)2008 2410s 26thcentury aaa achillesheelfoes acrostictext actionadventure alientechnology amalgams ammomagazines anatomicdamage arcwords asphyxiation augmentedreality beamweapons biogrowth bodyhorror bossbattles capacity-slots capacity-toolslots carnographic chargingweapons cipherlang cliffhanger clingers comic compositefoes damagemodeling dark deadengine deadspace dementia derelict diegeticui disclaunchers dismemberment elevators energyweapons engineerprotagonist erraticfoes everyonesdead extraterrestrial firearms flamethrowers future giantmonsters glowsuits gore grotesque gunclubbing hospital hud-explained hyperenemies industrial-setting infestation insaneprotagonist inventory inventory-supplies isolatedlocale itemglow juggernauts lamp lasersight limitedcapacity locationaldamage loot-random loot-unexpected meteoroids middleagedprotagonist monsters monstrouschildren movie mutants nocrosshair npcgenerators obligation openended otherworld outbreak plasmaweapons powertools publictransit quicktimeevent researchfacility savepoints scientists sequence-turret serious sessilecreatures shopping silentprotagonist silentvoid slobbery spacecraft-location spacefaringage spacesuit splittingcreatures stomping stranded suicide survivalhorror technomagic tentaclecreatures thermalweapons tinyfoes traproom unarmedfighting uncertainending upgrades-capacity upgrades-health upgrades-permanent upgradesystem weaponupgrades whispers zero-g