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Demon's Souls (デモンズソウル;데몬즈 소울;Demon's Soul;DeS)  Atlus USA;SCEI (From Software;SCE Japan Studio)2009 3ormoreplayers achillesheelfoes actionadventure adv-intermediary adv-static adv-xpdistr amoeboids ancientenemy apocalyptic attrbasedeq autosavepoints axes backstabbing backtracking bleak blindcreatures blocking bludgeons bodyarmor bossarenas bossbattles bossmeter bows capacity-weight castle cave classless claws clergy cliff coffins colossi counterattacks crossbows cutsceneinvulnerability damageinfo damagetypes darkfantasy deathpenalty deathpenalty-recovery deathpits demonicmenace demons depthoffield difficulty-single dilapidated dingy display-720p dodging dogs dolbydigital dragons dualwielding dualwielding-asymmetric elevators elitemobs encounters-popup encounters-seen enemyhealthdisplay energyitems environmentalcontact equipmentupgrades exploration explosiveobjects falldamage fallimpact fightfirewithfire fog fortress fragileprotagonist gargoyles genderchoice genderequipment giantgastropods gianthumanoids giantinsects giantmonsters giantworms glowingeyes grapplers hackandslash handandahalfweapons havokphysics healingitems heroprotagonist humanfacedcreatures immortalprotagonist insectoids interactivepurgatory interactivetriggers interrupting inventory invincibilityframes itemdurability itemglow karma karmiccreatures keys leveldrain leveldrain-permanent levelhub limitedcapacity lunatics magic magicrings mandatoryloss mapdeficient medieval meleeweapons metagaming metroidvania mindflayers mine monsters mp-cooperative mp-defunct mp-dropin mp-dropinpvp mp-lfg mp-versus multipleendings mystics newgameplus noclearobjectives nofailstate nohealthregen noinvpause nojumping nomodalpause nonlinear nontolkienian nopausefunction noports novoicechat npchealing npcspawning openclassing openpvp overburdening pain parrying phyreengine pinatacreatures platformexclusive playerbaseprogression polearms polyplopicenemies predefinedcontrols prison proprietarynetwork protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face pvpve quitsave randomnpchealth rating-esrb-m rating-grb-18 rating-pegi-16 rating-usk-16 ravens reanimators recallportal ruins save-opportunistic save-suspend savecopylock scenic shallowwater shields shopping shortcutopening sizeispower skeletons skywhales sorcery soularts souls souls-series soulslike spears spectres spiritualsuccessor splatter stamina stash statuseffects stealth subterranean suicideattackers swords tactical targetlock teleport teleporters thedestroyer thesoulless titlementioned toolbuffs tutorial undefinedelements unlimitedlives unrestrictedviolence upgradesystem vaulting wands weaponsweetspots weaponupgrades weather-persistent wetland willowisps xp-kills xp-objects yeoldeenglish
Warp EA Partners (Trapdoor)2012 alienprotagonist antimagiczones canadamediafund challenges grotesque humanmenace instantdeath mundanedangers predefinedcontrols rating-pegi-18 retrypoints sequence-escape splatter teleport teleporting undefinedelements