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Moonwalker (Michael Jackson's Moonwalker;マイケルジャクソンズ ムーンウォーカー)  Sega (Sega)1990 cemetery consoleclassix directionalforce-movingsurface dogs domesticcats lives marketingbuzzwords michaeljackson movie musicband primates realprotagonist rescue score spiders unarmedfighting undead zombies
Insector X (インセクターX;곤충군단)  Sage's Creation;Hot-B (Hot-B)1990 bossbattles consoleclassix frog insectoid-theme lives powerups score scrollingshooter spiders
Elemental Master (エレメンタルマスター)  Technosoft (Renovation Game)1990 alligators bossbattles bossrush centaurs chiroptera consoleclassix crabs dragons fish magic mummies powerups sauroids score scrollingshooter spiders
Arcade Classics  Sega (Atari;Al Baker & Associates)1996 centipede centipedes consoleclassix fixedshooter fleas missilecommandlike rating-elspa-3 rating-esrb-ka scorpions spiders