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Bàoxiào sānguó (爆笑三国)  ? (?)? tacticalrpg uvl-missingimages
Bahamut Senki (Bahant Senki;Record of Bahamut War;バハムート戦記)  Sega (Sega)1991 tactical tacticalrpg
Warsong (ラングリッサー;Langrisser Hikari;Lungrisser Hikari)  NCS Masaya (CareerSoft)1991 consoleclassix grid grid-square langrisser tacticalrpg
Shining Force (Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention;シャイニング・フォース 神々の遺産)  Sega (Climax)1992 amnesia ancientenemy axes bows chapters classbased classbasedeq consoleclassix containers counselor demonicinvasion demons dragons dragons-western genrechange giantworms goblins grid grid-square group healingitems humanoidanimals inventory levelbasedeq magic meleeweapons monsters recallportal robots saveram screenshake shining-series shopping spears swords tactical tacticalrpg titlementioned undead wiivirtualconsole xp-kills
Shining Force II (Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing;シャイニング・フォースII 古えの封印)  Sega;TecToy (Sonic Software Planning)1993 avianoids axes ballistae bludgeons bows centaurs chiroptera classbased classbasedeq collapsingstructure consoleclassix containers counselor crossbows deathpenalty demonicinvasion demons difficulty dragons dragons-western dwarves elves falseending gargoyles giantbirds giantworms grid grid-square group healingitems humanoidanimals inventory magic meleeweapons minotaurs monsters nazcalines phoenixes polearms possessed rating-vrc-ga rats recallportal robots sauroids save-suspend savepoints saveram screenshake shining-series shopping skeletons spears statuseffects summoning swords tactical tacticalrpg undead unlockable-characters unlockable-difficulty versionvariations weefolk werewolves wiivirtualconsole wyverns xp-kills zombies
Langrisser Hikari II (Langrisser II;Lungrisser Hikari II)  NCS Masaya (NCS Masaya)1994 grid grid-square langrisser tacticalrpg
Fengshen Yingjie Chuan (Feng Shén Ying Jié Chuán;Heroic Legend of Awarding Gods; Heroic Legends of Sealing Gods;封神英杰传;封神榜)  Chuanpu Technologies (Chuanpu Technologies)1996 grid grid-square tacticalrpg