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Bolo (iBolo) ? (?)? ipod langinsignificant mp-dm tank tanks
Breakout (Brick) Apple Computers (Apple Computers)? ipod
Klondike Apple Computers (Apple Computers)? ipod patiencesolitaire solitaire
Music Quiz Apple Computers (Apple Computers)? ipod
Parachute Apple Computers (Apple Computers)? ipod
Solitaire Apple Computers (Apple Computers)? ipod solitaire traditional
Vortex Apple Computers (Apple Computers)? ipod
Zuma Apple Computers;PopCap Games;astraware (PopCap Games)2003 ipod marbles match3 puzzloop visualmatching
iDoom ? (?)2005 1life 22ndcentury anticipatorystockpiles cloakednpcs demons doom-series elevators energyweapons extraterrestrial findexit firearms firstpersonshooter future graphicdeaths hell ipod ipodlinux militantprotagonist monsters moon namelessprotagonist npcstrife oopitems plasmaweapons reanimators rockets rotaryguns secrets serious shotguns supportnpcs walking
Bejeweled (Bejeweled Classic)  Apple Computers (PopCap Games)2006 bejeweled-series ipod shariki-like
Cubis 2 Apple Computers (FreshGames)2006 ipod
EA Mahjong (Electronic Arts' Mahjong) Apple Computers (EA Mobile)2006 ipod
Mini Golf Apple Computers;Electronic Arts (Apple Computers;Electronic Arts)2006 ipod
Pac-Man Apple Computers;Namco (Namco)2006 ipod
Tetris  Apple Computers;Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)2006 fallingblocks ipod spatiallogic
Texas Hold 'Em (Texas Hold 'Em Poker)  Apple Computers (Apple Computers)2006 download ipod poker poker-texasholdem withdrawn
Royal Solitaire EA Mobile (EA Mobile)2006 ipod traditional
Sudoku EA Mobile (EA Mobile)2006 ipod
Lost  Gameloft;Apple Computers (Gameloft)2007 ipod stranded tvseries
Ms. Pac-Man Apple Computers;Namco (Namco)2007 apples bananas cherries femaleprotagonist ipod peaches pears pretzels strawberries
iQuiz Apple Computers (Apple Computers)2007 ipod
SAT Prep 2008 math Apple Computers (Kaplan)2007 edu-math ipod math
SAT Prep 2008 reading Apple Computers (Kaplan)2007 ipod
SAT Prep 2008 writing Apple Computers (Kaplan)2007 ipod
The Sims Bowling Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)2007 bowling ipod sims