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Sentinel 3: Homeworld  Origin8 Technologies (Origin8 Technologies)2010 achievements activeabilityset adv-ptdistr aliens autosavepoints beamweapons boosters damagetypes droppods energyregen flamethrowers gamecenter guidedweapons hiddenattributes homingboulders interest leaderparticipation minibosses missionbased mode-survival mortars openfeint overpenetration paidkilling quitsave repairing resourceharvesting rockets score sentinel-series splittingcreatures structureupgrades supportpowers tablet titlementioned towerdefense tutorial unexplainedelements waves zoom
Ascendancy Virgin Interactive (The Logic Factory)2011 3plusfactions absoluterulership aliens basebuilding bizarrecreatures control-individuals customscenarios darkspace fictionaluniverse humanoidanimals murinoids nohumans nonhumanprotagonist sauroids serious space spacelanes tutorial unseenprotagonist warptravel
SpaceChem Mobile Zachtronics Industries (Zachtronics Industries)2011 achievements autosavepoints chemicalelements crippled designpuzzle grid grid-square indie industrial ios-3 ipad logicpuzzle logistics opensolutions playerprofiles quitsave science-theme sorting templates tutorial undo
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions Ubisoft (Ubisoft)2012 cardbased cardbattle free2play mightandmagic rating-pegi-7 tutorial
Unstoppable Gorg ? (Futuremark Games Studio)2012 alienmenace aliens brains enemyhealthdisplay extraterrestrial flyingsaucers intentionallybad ipad resourcegeneration retrofuture solsystem space splittingcreatures towerdefense tutorial war
Chainsaw Warrior Auroch Digital (Auroch Digital )2013 boardgametiein cardbased charactercreation comiccutscenes dice difficulty firearms gameofchance instantkillers meleeweapons mutants randomchance randomizedattributes rating-pegi-7 timelimit tutorial unity-engine zombies
Dungeon Keeper (Dungeon Keeper Mobile)  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)2013 blacksheep dungeon dungeonkeeper excessivewaiting freemium microtransactions tutorial
FTL: Faster Than Light Subset Games (Subset Games)2014 activepause adaptivemusic airflows aliens asphyxiation asteroids beamweapons blackmarket boarding cloaking colorblind damageinfo difficulty doors dronebays energyshields energyweapons fuel gambling hitchance humanoids indie insectoids internaldamage ipad latestart mapgenerator minionpermadeath namegenerator npcasphyxiation opengl parttargeting permadeath psychics randomchance repairing resourceallocation robots rockets score shieldregen shopping slavery space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacefaringage staticresolution teleport tutorial unlimitedammo unlockable-vehicles unlockablecontent upgradesystem ventilation veterancy warptravel wildfire xp-literal
Hearthstone (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft) Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment)2014 cardbattle chatter classbased classlinkedgender collectiblecardgame display-30fps friendlyfire friendlyfire-purposeful lighthearted magic microtransactions mp-matchmaking mp-ranked mp-rejoin overdrawdiscard paladins piecemealcreatures ragers sorcery summoning summoningsickness timedturns tutorial unity-engine warcraft