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Odyssey 100 Magnavox (Magnavox)1975 earth hockey naturalistic tennis
APF: TV Fun - Model 401 (APF: TV Fun - Model 401A;APF: TV Fun - Model 442) APF Electronics (APF Electronics)1976 cpu-ay-3-8500 handball hockey soccer squash tennis
Odyssey 400 Magnavox (Magnavox)1976 earth hockey naturalistic tennis
Odyssey 500 Magnavox (Magnavox)1976 earth hockey naturalistic soccer tennis
APF: TV Fun - Model 405 (APF: TV Fun - Model 406) APF Electronics (APF Electronics)1977 difficulty handball hockey tennis
APF: TV Fun - Sportsarama (APF: TV Fun - Model 402) APF Electronics (APF Electronics)1977 cpu-ay-3-8500 handball hockey lightgun tennis