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Assault 1: The Beginning (Assault I) BMT micro (Land-J Technologies)? grid grid-hex
HexGlass author (author)? grid grid-hex
HexMines ? (?)? grid grid-hex
Freeciv The Freeciv project (The Freeciv project)2002 4xstrategy grandscale grid grid-hex grid-square lua sdl techtree trains
The Battle for Wesnoth author (author)2008 clanguage cpplanguage druids grid grid-hex langafrikaans langamerican langbritish langcatalan langestonian langhungarian langlatin langnorse langslovak langturkish leveluprestoration license-gpl mp-cooperative retreating sdl wesnoth
Hexalate Gott Games (Gott Games)2009 colormatching grid grid-hex langinsignificant