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A Boy and His Blob 3DS (A Boy and His Blob) Majesco (Majesco)? cancelled platformreference
Bomberman 3DS Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft )? bomberman cancelled platformreference
Bonk 3DS ? ( )? cancelled platformreference
Harmonix Music Project 3DS ? (Harmonix )? platformreference uvl-workingtitle
Licca-chan 3DS ? ( )? platformreference
Martha Stewart 3DS (Martha Stewart) Majesco (Majesco)? platformreference
Medabots 3DS ? ( )? platformreference
Seaman 3DS ? (SEGA )? platformreference
Shin-Chan 3DS ? ( )? platformreference
Yu-Gi-Oh 3DS ? ( )? platformreference yugioh
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D (PES 2011 3D;Winning Eleven 3DSoccer;Winning Eleven World Soccer 3D)  Konami (Konami)2011 launchtitle platformreference rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 soccer uvl-missingimages winningeleven
My Garden (Tsukurou Ponta no Gardens DS)  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)2011 platformreference
Kororinpa 3DS Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)2012 cancelled platformreference
Culdcept 3DS (カルドセプト3DS)  Nintendo (Omiya Soft)2012 cardbattle collectiblecardgame culdcept platformreference
Ninja Gaiden 3DS KOEI (KOEI)2012 platformreference
Monster 4X4 3DS Ubisoft ( )2012 platformreference
Puzzler World 3DS (Puzzler World XL) Atari (Ideas Pad)2012 platformreference
Style Savvy 3DS Nintendo (syn Sophia)2012 amiibo platformreference toystolife
Super Metroid Nintendo (Nintendo)2016 armcannons backtracking extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist giantshoulderpads lostresources metroid metroid-universe metroidvania new3ds nonlinear platformreference powerarmor quicksand saveram
Batman 3DS Warner Bros. Interactive (Warner Bros. Interactive)TBA batman dccomics platformreference
Contra 3DS Konami (Konami)TBA platformreference
Dai Senryaku 3DS SystemSoft (SystemSoft)TBA daisenryaku indevelopment platformreference
Kyaba Jo Pi for 3DS (キャバ嬢っぴ for 3DS)  Level-5 (Level-5)TBA platformreference