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Thomas Was Alone  Curve Studios;Limited Run Games (author)2013 abstract autozoom charactercarrying controlswitch cooperation deadlydecor deadlywater environmentalpuzzle interactivetriggers midairjumping movingplatforms narrator physics psstore puzzleplatformer retrypoints simplistic sizematters
La•Mulana EX (La Mulana EX;La-Mulana EX)  Asterizm;Rising Star Games;Limited Run Games (Pygmy Studio)2014 chargers deadlydecor endlessopposition fallimpact giantanimals giants hard hitmoderation knockback ladders loot-random loot-unexpected meleeweapons metroidvania monsters npcspawning pillarbox polyplopicenemiessteamworks titlementioned titularlocale underwaterwalking wastedeffort waterfalls waterjumping whips