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Battle Slots Phantom EFX (Phantom EFX)? cancelled psstore
NicoNico Dwango (Dwango)2011 psstore
Alien Breed  Team17 (Team17)2012 aliens psstore
Assault Gunners Marvelous AQL (Marvelous AQL)2012 psstore
Cliff Diving Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE Studio Liverpool)2012 psstore
EcoFish Eclipse Games (Eclipse Games)2012 psstore
Escape Plan  Sony Computer Entertainment (Fun Bits)2012 psstore
Fireworks  Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE Studio Liverpool)2012 fireworks psstore
Guardian Hearts Online Q Entertainment (Q Entertainment)2012 psstore
Hungry Giraffe Laughing Jackal (Laughing Jackal)2012 psstore rating-esrb-e10
Hustle Kings Sony Computer Entertainment (VooFoo Studios)2012 cuesports psstore
Beats Trellis (Beats: Trellis) Sony Computer Entertainment (Sony Computer Entertainment)2012 psstore
A-Men (Assault Armies)  Kemco;Bloober Team;TopWare Interactive (Kemco)2012 download psstore rating-cero-b rating-pegi-12
Plants Vs. Zombies PopCap Games (PopCap Games)2012 download plantsvszombies psstore
Pure Chess  RebelPlay;Ripstone (RebelPlay)2012 chess download psstore rating-acb-g rating-esrb-e rating-grb-all rating-pegi-3 traditional
PulzAR  Sony Computer Entertainment (XDEV)2012 download psstore rating-acb-g rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e rating-grb-all rating-pegi-3
Foosball 2012 Grip Games (Grip Games)2012 psstore rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 tablefootball
Picotto Knights GungHo Online Entertainment (GungHo Online Entertainment)2012 download free2play psstore
Present for you  Daidai (Daidai)2012 download psstore rating-cero-b
Chronovolt  Playerthree (Playerthree)2012 psstore rating-pegi-3
Uncharted: Fight For Fortune  Sony Computer Entertainment (One Loop Games)2012 cardbattle dataimport dataimport-unlocks download psstore
Crash Planets author (author)2012 psstore rating-esrb-e
0WAR Teasoft (Teasoft)2013 psstore
Apocalypse Defense author (author)2013 psstore
Atomic Ninjas Grip Games (Grip Games)2013 psstore