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Osmos Hemisphere Games (Hemisphere Games)2009 achievements achievements-public amoeboidprotagonist amoeboids cpplanguage demo download expandingbody humblebundle igfnominee indie license-crossplatform music-electronic openal opengl patience physics timecompression title-animated tutorial vorbis
Toki Tori  Two Tribes (Two Tribes)2010 achievements achievements-public aimdirlimit anthroprotagonist argevent birdprotagonist chapterreplay chapterskip claiming cpplanguage cryogenicweapons deadends grid grid-micro harmfultouch instantdeath ladders leveleditor nofalldamage nojumping rating-esrb-e shallowwater teleporting undo
Anomaly: Warzone Earth  11 bit studios (11 bit studios)2011 2020s achievements achievements-public alienmenace anomaly-series asia autosavepoints city city-baghdad-iq city-tokyo-jp combobonuses cpplanguage decoys demo earth enemyhealthdisplay energyshields experimentaltechnology facebookconnect facelessprotagonist falseending fictionalelement fullscreen future gameplayinn healthregen healthregen-fast humblebundle intangibleallies iraq japan leaderparticipation militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased namelessprotagonist netranking paidkilling rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 retrypoints retrypoints-rollback robotmenace routing ruins score scoremultipliers sequence-timed smokegrenades tanks timecompression titlementioned toweroffense turrets twitter undefinedelements unlockable-modes