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Gang Wars The Game Boss (The Game Boss)2009 download firearms
Last Stand (laststand.main;laststand.lite) Ballater Games (Ballater Games)2011 aimmode barricading demo firearms lasersight shopping stationaryattack walking zombieapocalypse zombies
Zombie Field HD (Zombie Fields HD) Dreamlords Digital (Dreamlords Digital)2011 arenashooter firearms grenades independentaim itemglow unity-engine zombies
Aftermath XHD (com.jakyl.aftermathxhd)  TwoHeads Games (TwoHeads Games)2011 alone assaultrifles city dark firearms grenades handguns itemglow lamp objectiveindicator precisionrifles shotguns submachineguns zombieapocalypse
Chainsaw Warrior Auroch Digital (Auroch Digital)2013 boardgametiein cardbased charactercreation comiccutscenes dice difficulty firearms gameofchance instantkillers meleeweapons mutants randomchance randomizedattributes rating-pegi-7 timelimit tutorial unity-engine zombies
Shadowrun Returns  Harebrained Schemes (Harebrained Schemes)2013 2050s 21stcentury assaultrifles city cybernetics cyberpunk cyborgs dystopian earth elves fantasticearth firearms future futureearth grenades hackers hacking handguns inventory lowtech-future magic meleeweapons neutralnpcs northamerica orcs robots sciencefantasy shadowrun shopping uvl-tiein virtualreality walking
Noir Syndrome  Glass Knuckle Games (Glass Knuckle Games)2014 chapel city crimefiction currency customengine detectivemystery disguising domesticcats download firearms handguns hunger indoors investigatorprotagonist lawenforcerprotagonist lockpicking neutralnpcs noir noncombpenalty overworld pixelated proceduralstory retro sewers timelimit
Mercenary Kings  OUYA Publishing (Tribute Games)2016 android5 assaultrifles commercial download femaleprotagonist firearms gamepad handguns license-proprietary mp-cooperative nvshield opengl runandgun steampowered