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Swords & Soldiers (Swords and Soldiers HD) Ronimo Games (Ronimo Games)2010 arid circadiancycle cpplanguage difficulty dynamicweather earth energyregen fantasticearth giants jovial magic mystics necromancers nominioncontrol onomatopoeia rating-esrb-e10 recruiting resourceharvesting skeletons sorcery toxins tropic tugowarstrategy undead upgrades-transient vikings wasteland wintery
Majesty (Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim;  Paradox Interactive (HeroCraft)2011 ardania builders classicwizards demo difficulty dragons endlessopposition giantrats giantrodents giants goblins grid grid-square homingboulders indirectcontrol lighthearted magic majesty-series medieval missionbased monsters mystics necromancers netranking npcgenerators sorcery taxes trolls tutorial undead unitequipment zombies