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StarCraft (SC) Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment)2015 25thcentury 3plusfactions 4thwallbroken aerodyne aliens ambientcreatures asymmetricfactions autocast basebuilding bestsellerseries biogrowth blankprotagonist broodlings builders burrowers cacophonicvoice construction-gradual construction-partial control-individuals disproportionalworld elites expenses-instant extraterrestrial finiteresources fleshvssteel future ghostedmotion grouping groupmind harvesters hatchers homingboulders html5 infantry insectoids interspecificconflict landvehicle larvae leveleditor manaburn metamorphosis micromanagement militaryfiction minimumrange missionbased multiparadigm multiplecampaigns nostructurefacing otherworld patrolroutes polyplopicenemies psychics pve recruiting repairing resourcecontrol resourceharvesting ricochetingattacks robots sciencefantasy sequence-survival sequence-timed serious silentprotagonist space spacecreatures spacefaringage starcraft structureexpansions structurerelocation supervisorprotagonist technofantasy teleport tilebased transportvehicle trivialresearch unibiomeworld unitlimit unseenprotagonist upgrades-transient upgradesystem voiceovers walkers war warfare-air warfare-land wargame waypoints weaponsplatforms yggdrasil