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Dead Effect  Bulkypix (Bulkypix)2013 2040s 21stcentury extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist firstpersonshooter future itemglow space spacecraft-location stunguns titlementioned touchscreen zombies
Star Command  War Balloon Games (War Balloon Games)2014 aliens crowdfunded extraterrestrial future grid grid-square indie nonchoices parody quicktimeevent space spacecraft-location titlementioned titulargroup veterancy
DuckTales: Remastered (Duck Tales: Remastered) Disney Interactive Studios (WayForward Technologies;Igloo Music)2015 achievements africa aliens anthroprotagonist automap birdprotagonist bonusstages captives dark-limited disney ducktales duckuniverse elderlyprotagonist fireos fourfingers ghosts harmfultouch healthpickups hitmoderation hopandbop indulgence ladders lives luna mummies nohumans outlaws portals powerups screenshake selfluminance skeletons skipnoninteractive spacecraft-location transylvania uvl-misspelledtitle uvl-searchelp uvl-tiein