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Abe's Amazing Adventure ? (?)? beos haikuos
AddTraction ? (?)? beos license-gpl sdl x86
Afternoon Stalker (Afternoonstalker) sarrazip (sarrazip)? beos cpplanguage flatzebraengine haikuos license-gpl robots sdl x86
airstrike ? (?)? beos sdl
Amphetamine Edge's World (Edge's World)? beos haikuos sdl uvl-confusable
Amylaar ? (?)? beos sourcecodeavailable
Arianne RPG Arianne (Arianne)? arianne-engine beos haikuos sdl
Batrachians sarrazip (sarrazip)? amphibianprotagonist beos cpplanguage flatzebraengine frog haikuos jumping langinsignificant license-gpl naturalweapons sdl swimming x86
be_asteroids ? (?)? beos fixedshooter langinsignificant ppc space spacecraft-small
bebattle ? (?)? beos grid grid-square haikuos license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable
BeHyperTTT (HyperTTT) ? (?)? beos langinsignificant license-gpl ppc tictactoe traditional
BeSame ? (?)? beos fallingblocks grid grid-square haikuos langinsignificant logic match3 visualmatching
Biniax ? (?)? beos haikuos zetaos
Blob Wars: Episode I - Metal Blob Solid Parallel Realities (Parallel Realities)? alieninvasion amoeboidprotagonist amoeboids beos haikuos robots sdl
Bomber Instinct ? (?)? beos haikuos
BrickShooter (Brick Shooter) ? (?)? beos haikuos license-gpl
BShisen  ? (?)? beos grid grid-square naturalistic ppc traditional uvl-descriptionincomplete visualmatching x86
BurgerSpace sarrazip (sarrazip)? beos cpplanguage flatzebraengine haikuos license-gpl sdl x86
Car World - (-)? beos opengl uvl-descriptionincomplete
Certain Death Via Space Thingies ? (?)? beos haikuos sdl
Checkers Rapture In Venice (Rapture In Venice)? beos earth grid grid-square langinsignificant naturalistic traditional
Cosmosmash sarrazip (sarrazip)? beos cpplanguage fixedshooter flatzebraengine haikuos langinsignificant license-gpl sdl x86
Critical Mass 2 (Critter 2) ? (?)? beos chainreactions haikuos microscopic opengl ppc uvl-confusable uvl-imagequality x86
Dd2 (Dodgin' Diamond 2;Dodging Diamond 2) Edge's World (Edge's World)? beos haikuos uvl-searchelp
Defendguin New Breed Software (New Breed Software)? beos haikuos sdl