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Nuts & Scrap DevilishGames (DevilishGames)? 2160s 22ndcentury 3rdmillennium actionadventure beos commercial demo earth future license-proprietary prerenderedbackgrounds robots sdl
WildRide3D (Wild Ride 3D)  ? (?)1997 3ormoreplayers beos demo landvehicle leveleditor license-proprietary motorracing ppc
Axia  Wildcard Design (Wildcard Design)1998 arenashooter beos currency demo download langinsignificant license-proprietary ppc shopping space spacecraft x86
Dark Corona (Dark Corona PEGASUS) Algomedia Software (Algomedia Software)1999 beamweapons beos commercial currency demo haikuos license-proprietary ppc x86
Corum III: Chaotic Magic  Gobe Software (Next Generation Entertainment)2000 beos commercial demo license-proprietary ppc x86
No Gravity (Space Girl) Realtech VR (Realtech VR)2005 beos demo difficulty haikuos licensechange sdl space vorbis
Underworld Adventures ? (?)2005 1life adv-undefined authoravatar automap axes bludgeons brains charactercreation containers demo dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel doors doors-breakable dungeoncrawler falselyaccused felinoids floatingeyes freelook fromanotherworld genderchoice giantinsects goblins headless heroprotagonist interactivedialogs inventory jumping knives lua magic magic-precast magic-sigils meleeweapons monsters neutralmonsters neutralnpcs noinvpause sdl serious shopping sorcery subterranean swords swrender thrownweapons titularlocale trash ultima ultimauw unarmedfighting unlikelysentients walking worms xp-undefined zetaos