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The Maze of Galious Brain Games (Brain Games)2003 beos bows chiroptera deadlywater demons did europeanfae explosives fangame haikuos heroprotagonist jumping keep keys ladders legacydesign license-proprietary meleeweapons nofalldamage rescue savepassword sdl shopping skeletons sourcecodeavailable swords tombstones walking x86
Fight or Perish ? (New Breed Software)2009 1life aimdirlimit angelofdeath animals archers axes bossbattles bows capacity-slots classbased dandylike demons europeanfae explosives faeprotagonist ghosts hackandslash haikuos healingitems humans hunger incomplete inventory keys langinsignificant leveleditor limitedcapacity magic meleeweapons monsters mp-cooperative mysticprotagonist mystics naturalweapons premadecharacters reptiles reptilianprotagonist sauroidprotagonist sauroids sdl swords teleporters undead walking warriors