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be_asteroids ? (?)? beos fixedshooter langinsignificant ppc space spacecraft-small
Cosmosmash sarrazip (sarrazip)? beos cpplanguage fixedshooter flatzebraengine haikuos langinsignificant license-gpl sdl x86
Penguin Command ? (?)? beos birds chainreactions fixedshooter langinsignificant license-gpl naturalistic penguin protect score scoreoriented
XInvaders 3D (xinv3d) ? (?)? aliens beos fixedshooter langinsignificant space x11 x86
XGalaga ? (?)2000 beos fixedshooter haikuos license-gpl x86
GNUfo ? (?)2001 alieninvasion aliens beos fixedshooter haikuos sdl spacecraft
SDLRoids ? (?)2001 beos fixedshooter haikuos langinsignificant license-gpl sdl space spacecraft-small uvl-confusable
Vectoroids ? (?)2001 beos darkspace endless entityvnatural fixedshooter haikuos langinsignificant license-gpl naturalistic riscos sdl space spacecraft-small x86
XGalaga: Hyperspace ? (?)2001 beos fixedshooter haikuos
SDLInvaders ? (?)2002 alieninvasion beos entityvsupernatural fixedshooter license-gpl lives score scoreoriented sdl space spacecraft x86
Vectoroids New Breed Software (New Breed Software)2002 beos darkspace endless entityvnatural fixedshooter haikuos langinsignificant naturalistic sdl space spacecraft-small
xoids Edge's World (Edge's World)2003 beos entityvnatural fixedshooter langinsignificant space x11 x86
La Ranisima ? (?)2006 alieninvasion amphibianprotagonist beos fireflies fixedshooter langinsignificant snakes