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Heroes of Wesnoth ? (?)? cpplanguage grid grid-hex haikuos wesnoth
LGeneral LGames (LGames)? 1860s 1940s 19thcentury 20thcentury 2ndmillennium americancivilwar beos city-moscow-ru civilwar download earth europe firearms france germany grid grid-hex haikuos latemodernperiod license-gpl militantprotagonist naturalistic northamerica past russia sdl wargame worldwar worldwar2 zetaos
Widelands ? (?)? fogofwar grid grid-hex haikuos
Freeciv The Freeciv project (Be Do Have Software)1996 4xstrategy beos grandscale grid grid-hex grid-square haikuos techtree trains x86
Filler ? (?)1999 beos grid grid-hex haikuos logic
Abalone ? (?)2000 68k beos grid grid-hex haikuos license-proprietary x86
Advanced Strategic Command (ASC) author (author)2000 beos cpplanguage grid grid-hex haikuos leveleditor sdl vorbis
Abelone BeBits (BeBits)2000 beos grid grid-hex haikuos
aba_Be_lone BeBits (BeBits)2000 beos grid grid-hex
Crimson Fields Begasus (Begasus)2002 beos grid grid-hex haikuos license-gpl x86
The Battle for Wesnoth Manifesto Games (Manifesto Games)2003 beos clanguage cpplanguage druids grid grid-hex haikuos langafrikaans langamerican langbritish langcatalan langestonian langhungarian langlatin langnorse langslovak langturkish leveluprestoration retreating sdl wesnoth x86
Anonymine author (author)2016 blackbox grid grid-hex grid-square haikuos license-bsd minesweeper ncurses perfectinformation pythonlanguage