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The Legend of Edgar ? (?)? amoeboids bees birds bizarrecreatures bossbattles carnivorousplants chickens chiroptera elevators fish floatingeyes giantspiders haikuos inventory jumping keys meleeweapons monsters raft savepoints saveslots sdl swords testudines town tutorial walking wetland windmills
FreedroidRPG (Freedroid;Freedroid RPG) the Freedroid team (the Freedroid team)2002 1life 2150s 2154 22ndcentury 3rdmillennium adv-ptdistr attrbasedeq autorun beos bloodless bodyarmor containers cybernetics cyberpunk doors download earth firearms future haikuos healthregen-slow humans improvisedweapons inventory itemdurability itempickup-normal knives license-gpl lineofsight meleeweapons naturalistic opengl postapocalypse rewardingvandalism robots sdl shopping socketables stamina subterranean swords technomagic tutorial walking xp-kills