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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (ゼルダの伝説 トワイライトプリンセス HD) Nintendo (Nintendo EPD;Tantalus)2016 achillesheelfoes acquiesceport actionadventure actionchaining amiibo amphitheatre anticipatorystockpiles awardgdcwriting balancebeams ballistics beneficialcurse bizarrecreatures bloodless bossbattles bows bridge capacity-unlimited caricature carnivorousplants castle cemetery children chosenone city clingers counselor coupdegrace crawltunnels currency dark-limited directionalforce directionalforce-tilt directionalforce-wind dissolvingcorpses dollyzoom domesticcats doors elvenprotagonist elves environmentalcontact explosives fakesurfaces fish flyingcity forest gameoftheyear geysers giantinsects giantspiders grapplers healthwarning herding horses humanfacedcreatures humanoidprotagonist humans illequipped interactivetriggers inventory itemget jumping keys ladders lamp lamp-powered launchtitle ledges lightbridges mcbestgameaward meleeweapons metroidvania minigames minimap monsters mountain nudity-inhuman obscuredprotagonistdialog paletteswapping papercharms plains plantcreatures playermodality playerschoice postalservice powercorrupts prehensilehair rapidmovementplants rating-esrb-t rebornprotagonist remotecontrol rescuees retrypoints rewardingvandalism riding robots rocketjumping rooftops ruins savepoints secrets sewers shadows shieldbash shinto shopping silentprotagonist skeletons sledding slingshots speakwithanimals spectres stonemen subterranean swimming swords targetlock temple titlementioned titularcharacter toopopular town toystolife traproom treants trees tumbling undead unexpectedsituation upsidedown walking wasteland watercraft-small weirdos weirdvision wildboars wintery zelda zelda-universe