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X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown)  Microprose (Mythos Games)1994 1990s 20thcentury absoluterulership alieninvasion aliens ammomagazines amoeboids animehair anxiety assaultrifles basebuilding bodyarmor bodydragging circadiancycle city combatautoloot dawnofanewage destructibleenvironment destructibleitems difficulty drones earth encyclopedia enemyscan energyweapons explosiveobjects fictionalelement future globalorganization grenades greys grid grid-square grid-volume group guidedweapons handguns humanoids infantry instantkillers interspecificconflict inventory investors laserbolts laserweapons layers locationalhealth mapgenerator mars martians militaryfiction minionpermadeath morale multinationalorganization multiphased naga neutralnpcs nonlethalelimination noreinforcements npcanxiety obsoletedassets outofturnactions overworld permanentcorpses persistentminions plasmaweapons powerfoci propertydamagepenalty psychics researching retreating robots rockets rotaryguns rural scavenging shopping smokegrenades spheroidworld starfishaliens strayfire stunprods supervisorprotagonist tactical thermalweapons timecompression timeunits titulargroup triage turnbasedcombat uniqueminions universaltheatre unloading vendortrash veterancy viralcreatures weaponsplatforms workers xcom-original xcom-series