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Jump Jet  Anirog (Anirog)1985 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-av8-harrier fighteraircraft
Spitfire 40 (Spitfire '40)  Mirrorsoft (Mr. Micro)1985 1940s 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-spitfire england fighteraircraft propellerplane worldwar2
1942  Elite (Elite)1986 1940s 194x-series 20thcentury aeroplane aircraft-p38-lightning fighteraircraft ingametitle instantdeath lives militantprotagonist propellerplane score scrollingshooter worldwar2
ACE: Air Combat Emulator  Cascade Games (UXB)1986 ace-series aerodyne aeroplane fighteraircraft
F-16 Fighting Falcon  Players (Players)1987 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f16-falcon fighteraircraft
1943: The Battle of Midway (1943)  Go!;Capcom (Probe)1988 1940s 194x-series 20thcentury aeroplane aircraft-p38-lightning alone battleofmidway fighteraircraft ingametitle militantprotagonist pacificocean propellerplane score scrollingshooter serious worldwar2
After Burner (Afterburner)  Activision (Activision)1988 3disk aerodyne aeroplane afterburner-series fighteraircraft score
F-16 Fighting Falcon  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1989 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f16-falcon fighteraircraft lightgun lives score
MIG-29 Soviet Fighter (MiG☆29 Fighter)  Codemasters (Codemasters)1989 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-mig29-fulcrum fighteraircraft lives naturalistic score
Spitfire  Elite (Durell)1989 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-spitfire europe fighteraircraft propellerplane scrollingshooter worldwar2
Typhoon (Ajax)  Imagine (Ocean)1989 aerodyne aeroplane fighteraircraft helicopter ingametitle lives rotorcraft score scrollingshooter
Wings of Fury  Brøderbund (Brøderbund)1989 1940s aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f6f-hellcat bombs fighteraircraft naturalistic score worldwar worldwar2
Snow Strike (Snowstrike)  Epyx;U.S. Gold (Walking Circles)1990 3disk aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f14-tomcat cassette colombia fighteraircraft southamerica
F-16 Combat Pilot  Digital Integration (Digital Integration)1991 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f16-falcon fighteraircraft