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Ams Doctor ?? platformreference
Amstrad Othello ?? platformreference reversi traditional
Rally CPC  Megasofts (Megasofts)1984 platformreference
Amsfrog (Amstrad Frogger;La Rana)  Amstrad Computer User (Amstrad Computer User)1985 alligators amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist frog platformreference testudines
Amsgolf  Amsoft;Computersmith (Amsoft;Computersmith)1985 golf platformreference
Amsnake (Gusanin)  Your Computer (P. King)1985 platformreference
Amstra'dames (Amstra-Dames)  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1985 checkers platformreference
Amstroids  CPC Computing (CPC Computing)1985 platformreference
Amstrad Shuffle (Shuffle)  Alpha Omega (CRL)1986 cassette patiencesolitaire platformreference solitaire
Challenger Amsdames ?1986 platformreference
The Amstrad Cup ?1986 platformreference
Trivial Pursuit: Genus Edition (Trivial Pursuit: The Computer Game: Amstrad CPC-Genus Edition)  Domark (Domark)1986 platformreference traditional trivialpursuit
Amster Mind Amstrad Magazine (author)1986 logicpuzzle magazine mastermind platformreference
CPC Tank Amstrad Magazine (author)1986 magazine platformreference
Amspoker Amstrad Magazine (author)1986 magazine platformreference poker
Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Amstrad Action's Dizzy)  Codemasters (The Oliver Twins)1988 dizzy lives platformreference score
Infection (Amstrad Infection)  Virgin Mastronic (Wise Owl Software)1988 ataxx platformreference prototype
Magical Drop CPC  author (author)2007 homebrew magicaldrop platformreference
Bubble Bobble 4 CPC  CNG Soft (CNG Soft)2012 comicalaction homebrew platformreference