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Tank  Newstrad (Newstrad)? lives tanks uvl-confusable
Beach Head (Beach-Head)  U.S. Gold (U.S. Gold)1985 difficulty multisequence score tanks
Division Blindee  Cobra Soft (Cobra Soft)1986 tanks war wargame
Ikari Warriors  Elite (Elite)1986 3disk cassette firearms grenades ikariwarriors jungle lives rescue runandgun tanks tropic
Skyfox (Sky Fox)  Ariolasoft (Ariolasoft)1986 cassette skyfox tanks
Flying Shark  Firebird (Firebird)1987 aerodyne aeroplane lives score scrollingshooter tanks
MASK (M.A.S.K.)  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1987 cartoon score tanks toytiein
Tank  Ocean (Choice Software)1987 lives score tank tanks uvl-confusable
Arctic Fox (Arcticfox)  Electronic Arts (The Zen Room)1988 stellar7 tank tanks wintery
Fernandez Must Die  Image Works (Probe Software)1988 firearms lives militantprotagonist runandgun score tanks trains
Thunder Blade (Thunderblade)  U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1988 aerodyne bossbattles helicopter helicopters ingametitle lives rotorcraft score scrollingshooter tanks
HATE: Hostile All Terrain Encounter (H.A.T.E.;Hate)  Gremlin Graphics (Vortex Software)1989 aerodyne ingametitle instantdeath lives score scrollingshooter tanks
Operation Thunderbolt  Ocean (Ocean)1989 3disk africa africa-north cartridge city city-boston-ma city-paris-fr earth europe firearms france grenades helicopters lives militantprotagonist northamerica operationwolf rescue score tanks terrorists
Silkworm (Silk Worm)  Virgin Games;Mastertronic (Random Access)1989 aerodyne bossbattles helicopter jeep lives powerups rotorcraft score scrollingshooter tanks
Tank Attack (Tankattack)  CDS Software (IQ Games)1989 tanks war wargame
Vindicators  Domark (Consult Software)1989 26thcentury lives score tank tanks
Blazing Thunder  Hi-Tec Software (PAL Developments)1990 lives runandgun score tanks
Dark Century  Titus (Titus)1990 tank tanks
Havoc  Players1990 commercial helicopter helicopters license-proprietary lives score scrollingshooter tanks
Heavy Metal  U.S. Gold (Probe Software)1990 buggy cassette score tank tank-m1-abrams tanks turret wasteland
Sherman M4  Loriciel (Loriciel)1990 1940s 20thcentury europe naturalistic tank tank-m4-sherman tanks worldwar2
Alien Tank Attack  Bollaware (Bollaware)1991 fuel tanks
Battle Command  Ocean (Realtime Games Software)1991 tank tanks