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Rainbow Moon EastAsiaSoft;Limited Run Games (SideQuest Studios)2016 adv-xpdistr circadiancycle classbased classbasedeq containers difficulty fromanotherworld grid grid-square group healingitems hunger lamp limitedcapacity lottery psstore rainbowmoon-series saves-crossplatform shopping statuseffects tacticalrpg teleporters
Nioh (仁王) Koei Tecmo (Team Ninja)2017 17thcentury adv-intermediary adv-ptdistr adv-xpdistr attrbasedeq axes blocking bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bossmeter bows combatstyles damageinfo demo demons demons-eastern dodging firearms firearms-early healingitems historicalfantasy itemlock japan japanesemythology magic maleprotagonist monsters npcstamina outlanderprotagonist pinatacreatures polearms premadeprotagonist relentlessguards rolling samurai savepoints sengokuperiod sorcery soulslike spears splatter stamina stippletransparency swords targetlock tumbling xp-kills xp-literal xp-objects
Sundered Thunder Lotus Games (Thunder Lotus Games)2017 adv-intermediary adv-xpdistr autozoom bossarenas bossbattles chromaticaberration criticalchance crowdfunded download energyshields femaleprotagonist handdrawn healingitems healthdraining mapgenerator metroidvania midairjumping premadeprotagonist presetmaps shieldregen shortcutopening xp-objects
God of War  Sony (SIE Santa Monica Studio)2018 actionadventure adv-xpdistr attackwarning axes blocking bossarenas bossbattles bossmeter cannibalism cleargame colossi companion deities difficulty enemyhealthdisplay family-theme gianthumanoids giants godlingprotagonist godofwar healthpickups magic maleprotagonist monsters norsemythology optionaltasks parentprotagonist parrying photomode prophecy rage recurringopponent sequelhook slowmotion socketables thrownweapons timedblocks unarmedfighting undead upgradesystem warriorprotagonist whips wilderness wintery xp-kills