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Dark Souls III (DS3;Dark Souls 3;DkS3;DaS3) FromSoftware;Bandai Namco Entertainment (FromSoftware)2016 attrbasedeq backstabbing blocking bossarenas bossbattles dark-limited darkisnotevil darksouls-series dawnofanewage difficulty-single dodging dragons elevators encounters-seen enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energystations equipmentupgrades fallimpact handandahalfweapons healingitems healingstations humanfacedcreatures illusionarywalls immortalprotagonist invisibleplatforms itemcharges itemdurability itemglow itemrecharging ladders lamp lamp-powered magic medieval meleeweapons monsters mp-cooperative mp-dropinpvp mp-versus multistagebosses noagenda nofailstate openpvp orangeblue parrying polearms quitsave rating-pegi-16 recallportal save-suspend scavenging shields sorcery soularts souls-series soulslike spears splatter stamina swords targetlock tumbling undead undeadprotagonist unlimitedlives xp-kills