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Destiny Activision (Bungie)2014 28thcentury actionrpg aimmode aliens antiheroprotagonist bodyarmor canyon cave chromaticaberration circadiancycle classbased clothphysics dark-limited distantfuture earth enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons falldamage fallimpact firearms future genderchoice genericengine grenades handguns healthregen hovervehicles itemgenerator knives lamp lightvsdark loading-obscured lootemup luna midairjumping moon mp-control mp-cooperative mp-dropin mp-matchmaking objectiveindicator planetaryromance postapocalypse precisionrifles protagonistdesigning pve pvp radar rebornprotagonist reload-manual robots rockets russia shopping specieschoice stash technomagic tower upgradesystem waterfalls wintery
Borderlands 3 2K Games (IPerion)2019 aaa abilitydependencies achievements achievements-functional adv-ptdistr adventurerprotagonist aimassist aimmode alienanimals ambientocclusion assaultrifles autoshotguns backstabbing berserkers borderlands-series bossbattles buggy burning canyon capacity-slots capacity-toolslots cave cheapdeath circadiancycle classbased classlinkedgender cloaking clones compass containers cyborgs damageinfo damageovertime damagetypes deadlywater deadondisplay depthoffield diaries difficulty-players driving enemyhealthdisplay energyshields explosiveobjects firearms fxaa grenades guntossing gyrojets handguns healthdraining healthdrops healthpickups insectoids inventory itemgenerator jumping jumppads launcher limitedcapacity locationaldamage lootemup low-g machineguns machinepistols map minimap monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-private mpfocus mutants nohealthregen npcspawning npcstrife objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator obsoletedassets optionaltasks precisionrifles primates radar ragers rehash reload-auto reload-manual respec revolverrifles revolvers robots rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy sellundo shieldregen shopping shotguns splatter stash stylized submachineguns tasktracker telescope titlementioned town trampling tutorial walking wwise xp-kills zoom