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World of Goo (グーの惑星;Goo no Wakusei;Planet of Goo)  Tomorrow Corporation (2D BOY)2017 ♫amazinggrace 3ormoreplayers amoeboids collective constructionpuzzle deadlydecor download guide indie music-disco opensolutions physics speech-gibberish structuresupports subterranean systemsdriven titlementioned uvl-fantranslation windmills
Cave Story+  Nicalis (Nicalis)2017 achievements achievements-public amnesia androidprotagonist controllablehelplessness deadlydecor difficulty-punishing difficultyspike dragons earlyending enhanced evilgenius flyingislands flyingjellyfish friendshipbeatdown jokeitems leporoids license-crossplatform magic metroidvania multipleendings projectilelimit robotprotagonist robots sciencefantasy silentprotagonist slavery steamworks subterranean town walking weaponkickback
Mutant Mudds Collection  Atooi LLC;Super Rare Games (Atooi LLC)2017 deadlydecor disappearingplatforms harmfultouch jetpack layers movingplatforms mutantmudds pixelated rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 weaponupgrades