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Dark Souls Remastered  From Software;Namco Bandai (From Software;Namco Bandai)2018 actionadventure adv-xpdistr amalgams amiibo antisavescumming apocalyptic armorupgrades attrbasedeq backtracking bleak blocking bossarenas cagetransport classless coffins counterattacks damageinfo darkfantasy darkisnotevil darksouls-series dawnofanewage destiny difficulty-single dilapidated dingy encounters-seen enemyhealthdisplay equipmentupgrades fallimpact fragileprotagonist genderchoice giantmyriapods giantwolves grapplers greyvsgrey hackandslash handandahalfweapons healingitems immortalprotagonist intelligentanimals invincibilityframes invisibleplatforms itemcharges itemdurability itemglow itemrecharging jokecharacter magic mapdeficient medieval meleeweapons metroidvania monstergirls mp-cooperative mp-dropinpvp mp-undefined msaa noagenda nofailstate nontolkienian npcenvironmentalvulnerability npchealing openclassing openpvp openworld parrying phyreengine pinatacreatures prophecy pvpve quitsave ragdollphysics ravens recallportal save-opportunistic save-suspend scenic shieldbash shields shortcutopening sizeispower sorcery soularts souls-series soulslike sparsemusic spellmemory stamina swords tactical targetlock toystolife undead undeadprotagonist undefinedelements undirected unlimitedlives unrestrictedviolence vaguestory weaponsweetspots xp-kills xp-objects zombieapocalypse