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Mystery House (神秘屋)  On-Line Systems;SierraVenture (On-Line Systems)1980 detectivemystery femaleauthor gameplayinn
Alkemstone (Alkem-stone)  Level-10 (Level-10)1981 appledos3.3 arg bootloader gameplayinn realprize
Castle Wolfenstein (Wolfenstein 2D)  Muse Software (Muse Software)1981 castle firearms gameplayinn grenades namelessprotagonist nazis search stealth stealthgame uvl-fantitle wolfenstein worldwar2
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (Dungeons of Despair;Sorcellerie: Le Donjon du Suzerain Hérétique;巫術;Wizardry: The Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord)  Sir-Tech (Sir-Tech)1981 5.25disk combatmode dungeoncrawler fanfunding gameplayinn gridmove magic monsters pascal wizardry wizardry-llylgamyn
Deadline (Was It Murder?; Who Killed Marshall Robner?)  Infocom (Infocom)1982 69105 cardinalnavigation detectivemystery gameplayinn interactivefiction wordinput
Karateka  Brøderbund (Brøderbund)1984 did gameplayinn karate martialarts rescue rotoscoping unarmedfighting walking
Seven Cities of Gold (七座金城)  Electronic Arts (Ozark Softscape)1984 15thcentury ageofdiscovery america awardspagolddisk centralamerica cityofgold gameplayinn mythicallocation northamerica southamerica
Prince of Persia  Brøderbund (Brøderbund)1989 antiquity arabianfantasy arabiannights cinematicplatformer did display-560x192 flipscreens gameplayinn hires itemget ledges license-proprietary meleeweapons noaircontrol oldarabian-theme pop-original potions princeofpersia realtimelimit rescue rotoscoping semiteprotagonist simulacrums skeletons sourcecodeavailable