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Super Quest (SuperQuest) Softside (Softside)1982 227x 23rdcentury 3rdmillennium africa bows charactercreation currency demons dragons dwarves earth elves encounters-random encounters-respawn encounters-set encounters-unseen flipscreens future giantinsects giantspiders goblin haggling halflings hard healingitems humans imps keys lineofsight loot-none lowtech-future magic mapdeficient meleeweapons monsters mummies ogres permadeath potions protagonistnaming racechoice save-suspend savepoints score shopping skeletons spiders subterranean techdisparity trolls vampires xp-kills zombies
Robot Odyssey I: Escape from Robotropolis  The Learning Company (The Learning Company)1984 adventureengine ambientcreatures bizarrecreatures city controllablehelplessness difficultyspike drm edu-logic edu-programming elevators femaleauthor flipscreens framesynced fuel hard hypermobilefoes joystick logic logicgates machinecivilization opensolutions pointertoggle programming publictransit pushwalls RobotOdyssey robots sewers stranded subterranean taskfailure walking