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Crush, Crumble and Chomp! (Crush, Crumble & Chomp!)  Automated Simulations (Automated Simulations)1981 elimination giantmonsterprotagonist giantmonsters hunger independentaim npcspawning rampage soldiers tanks
Choplifter  Brøderbund (Brøderbund)1982 aerodyne choplifter helicopter rescue rotorcraft tanks
Battlezone (Battle Zone)  Atari (Atari)1983 langinsignificant lives score tank tanks
Skyfox (Sky Fox)  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1984 mockingboard skyfox tanks
Beach Head (Beach-Head) Access Software (Access Software)1985 aerodyne aeroplane artillery asymmetricfactions bossbattles concession-enemy earth helicopter helicopters landvehicle militantprotagonist multisequence naval rotorcraft subterranean tank tanks todo-verifyexistence turret war warfare-sea
Beach-Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back! (Beach Head 2)  Access Software (Access Software)1985 aerodyne asymmetricfactions bossbattles earth helicopter knives militantprotagonist multisequence rescue rotorcraft subterranean tank tanks thrownweapons turret war
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (GI Joe) Epyx (K-Byte)1985 aerodyne display-560x192 fighteraircraft forest gijoe helicopter hires jeep mockingboard tank tanks tundra uvl-tiein wasteland
Kampfgruppe  SSI (SSI)1985 tanks wargame worldwar worldwar2
Mech Brigade  SSI (SSI)1985 1990s coldwar customscenarios germany tanks
Panzer Grenadier  SSI (LDW Software)1985 1940s europe tanks war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Arctic Fox (Arcticfox)  Electronic Arts (Dynamix)1986 stellar7 tank tanks wintery
Ogre  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1986 21stcentury 5.25disk boardgametiein grid grid-hex joystick tanks traditional
The Movie Monster Game  Epyx (Epyx)1986 city giantmonsterprotagonist giantmonsters godzilla rampage tanks
Panzer Strike!  SSI (SSI)1987 1940s africa africa-north europe grid tanks wargame worldwar worldwar2